How To Understand Spiritual Reality

The wisdom of understanding that transcends what you think can enable you to discern the spiritual reality. Many people know this reality as God. You may consider it a reality that God exists, and that he is the creator of every physical thing in existence. You may perceive reality in a spiritual God that is complete, unlimited, omniscient, timeless and omnipotent.

Spiritual Reality 300x300 How To Understand Spiritual RealityThese attributes are encompassed in the belief that God is beyond all human understanding. God is eternal, formless and the source of all energy in the universe. All wisdom that can enable you to see the spiritual reality comes from God. This is an undisputable fact among spiritual people. Wisdom in accepting the superiority of God in all things can help you to understand many secrets of the physical and spiritual world.

This reality can change according to your state of mind and lifestyle. God is separate from yourself and others. Therefore, it is spiritually unreal to think of yourself as God. This thought is reinforced by the natural feeling that there is something greater than yourself or anything else. However, people are in unity with God as an extension of his greatness.

People’s selfishness is their inner self and wisdom of consciousness. The individual life is completed to create an absolute life with the inner self. Your thinking can be influenced by various factors, such as your parents, school and society. This spiritual reality is expressed in speech. Your consciousness of the eternal can be expressed through emotions.

This reality makes you question the sense of thought. It enables you to explore various topics that relate to inner self and pleasure. You have the tendency to see as though love or hate, good or bad is permanent. In real sense, these things always shift because of the temporary nature of relationships.

It is natural for you to see impure things as pure because of the lack of divine wisdom. When you think that what you believe is the truth and what others believe is a lie, the reality may be to the contrary.

This spiritual reality can be achieved by invoking pure consciousness. You cannot this reality until you perceive it through experience. You can attain this reality by forming meaningful social relationships with those who are close to you. The pleasure that you derive from these relationships will increase your attachment and contentment.

To be closer to understanding this reality, you must strive to be closer to the source of all wisdom. This entails searching within your inner self for truthful answers and forsaking other influences. Discerning the truth takes honesty on your part and meditation of the true self. You will be able to find answers that are beyond human understanding. Since God wants you to know the reality of the spiritual realm, you should entrust the provision of the knowledge to God. If you are truly seeking ways of finding the spiritual reality, then you should be ready to set your mind, body and soul free. This will be the beginning of attaining wisdom.

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